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Pet Sitting In Toronto

We offer pet boarding, private pet walking, in-home sitter care, in-home expert care, and picking-up service. Our top priority is the health and happiness of your best pets, 365 days a year!

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Online Vet Services

Whether you need in-home dog boarding, pet sitting, dog walking, or day care, Ameni connects pet parents with dog people who’ll treat their pets like family.But it’s not just about pet love. Ameni is also an award-winning technology business committed to making pet care safe, easy, and affordable so that everyone can experience the unconditional love of a dog.

Pet Food & Supplies
Online Vet Services

Too busy to go to a pet store?
We provide different brands of dog food and supplies on the website. In addition, we also provide customers with customized dog food, so that they can choose the most suitable one according to pet's type, weight, and age. At the same time we provide transportation within Canada, and guaranteed to be delivered within 7 working days.