Become Our Distributor

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—— Are you a professional distributor who plan to expand the business ?

—— Are you a student who want to earn money while still in school ?

—— Are you a pet owner who wants get the cheaper pet food ?

Then, Check AMENI Retailer Program! We won't ask for the minimum order! 

How AMENI Retailer Program works ?


After joining us, you will be able to get pet food and supplies at dealer prices (ex-factory price), and sell them at market prices. Ameni will be responsible for product storage, transportation (once per month) and promotion. You need to predict the monthly sales target at the beginning of each month, then place the purchase order and pay for 50% of total order value+service fee before the 5th of each month. After we receives the deposit, we will arrange free shipping of products to the designated location within 5 business days, and you will pay the remaining 50% after receiving the good. If there is more than one order within the same month, distributors will bear the cost of the transportation.

Basically, Three Steps
Place Orders
Pay Deposit
Get Your Products

Do I Need To Invest First ?


You will not be charged by any registration fees or starting costs. You will only need to pay for the service fee once you have made money!

Are there any extra fees during the process ?

NO !

We promise that you won't get any extra fees besides our service fee from our company during the process.

Service Fee and payment

AMENI will charge a 15% service fee based on the suggested sales price (e.g.: If the suggested sales price is $36, then the service fee will be $5.4). The service fee will be spent on storage cost, transportation cost, defective items exchange and etc. Furthermore, distributors will bear the expenses for any discounts or other promotional activities that are conducted privately.

The payment methods will include: 

1. Bank E-transfer       2. Cheque       3. Cash (If Necessary)

What is my profit margin ?

Your profit margin will up to 30% of sales !
We cannot guarantee your profit margin since there are variables during the selling process. However, in general, your profit margin will between 15% to 30% of your total sales.

How to quit the program ?

In order to end the contract, you need to notify the company 20 days in advance. Additionally, you will still be considered as the member of the program and able to place orders as usual in the last month.

For any other details or questions, please contact us !