Dog Toy Subscription

Dog Toy Subscription Services

Dogs deserve the best. A dog toy subscription is a great way to reward your dog for being such a good boy or girl. Ameni lets you build your personalized dog subscription box to be delivered to your door every month. Our pet toys are both affordable and high-quality, making it easy to bring more joy to your pet (and consequently more joy to you!)

Our dog toys are designed by our talented professionals and manufactured to high standards. Each Amenibox will have a new and unique theme that your dog will love. Never will we send you a toy that you already have. You can customize your dog subscription box based on the size of your pet. A typical Amenibox contains two to three durable toys and one premium plush toy or accessory.

Amenibox is available in one, three, and 12-month subscription plans. We mail boxes out on the 1st of each month. We're confident that your pet will love their custom toys. If ever you feel that your dog isn't enjoying their Amenibox as much as you'd hoped, feel free to cancel.